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Mercoledì, 25 Gennaio 2017 13:43

A nice trip with 350 aupairs

Hi Guys!

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My amazing experience

5 states. 4 tapings of tv shows. 3 music festivals (+20 concerts). 2 horses riding along the beach in Mexico. 1 year of amazing and new adventures & blessings. God is good."
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Lunedì, 23 Gennaio 2017 16:13

Have a fish & chips here!!

Ciao Ragazzi!!

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Lunedì, 23 Gennaio 2017 16:04

It's a beautiful day here!!

Hi guys!

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Martedì, 17 Gennaio 2017 08:58

Live the moment

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Venerdì, 30 Dicembre 2016 13:49

My amazing experience

Today marks the end of my Italian adventure and I couldn't be more heart broken. I've loved every second of this journey and if I could, I'd do it all over again. I've met the most incredible people along the way and have gained a whole new family that hold a very special place in my heart  I'm going to miss this beautiful country and all it has to offer. A big thank you to everyone who I've met along the way and to my wonderful host family for making me feel right at home.

Now it's time for new adventures, Italian ci vediamo a presto 

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Venerdì, 30 Dicembre 2016 12:59

A little trip in Milan

The most amazing view from the main square of Milan. 
My Italian friend and I used to visit different places every week-end. My favourite one was Milan.
An amazing and welcoming city. We did lots of shopping, we had an Aperol Spritz with chips and pizza for dinner.
How nice it was! 
I miss my Italian experience!!


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Mercoledì, 21 Dicembre 2016 09:06

My amazing experience in Italy


I felt very welcome from the time I stepped off the plane.

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Hailey Rheault from Canada ;
Very grateful to have spent the last few months working for a great host family, making new friendships, & travelling throughout a beautiful country. Living in Italy was an unforgettable experience and I already can't wait to go back someday!
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Mercoledì, 21 Dicembre 2016 08:19

Presentazione scuola di Alessandria "Leonardo da Vinci"

L'Istituto Superiore "Leonardo da Vinci" ha ospitato la presentazione in lingua inglese alle classi quarte e quinte del progetto "Celtic childcare aupair". L'agenzia, con sede a Torino, consente ai ragazzi di vivere una favolosa esperienza di lavoro all'estero, imparando la lingua che desiderano e conoscendo gli usi ed i costumi di un determinato paese. Si tratta di inserirsi all'interno di una famiglia, facendone parte attivamente in cambio di un lavoro alla pari come babysitting. Il Celtic Childcare diretto da Elizabeth Lenihan, relatrice dell'incontro, è una delle agenzie più importanti, di massima stima e affidabilità!


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