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Lunedì, 20 Febbraio 2017 19:49

Call it magic!

Rome is awesome

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Lunedì, 20 Febbraio 2017 18:05

Looking around Italy

Meadhbh Barry, Irish aupair in Rome.

She started her adventure some months ago in a lovely italian family.
She founded love, respect and lots of fun with the two children. They are 6 and 7 years old.
They used to play  different games every single day, especially outside in the garden on a trampoline and on the tree house.
She had two days off looking around the country. In fect, She went out with some friends for a trip. She visited different city like Naples, Milan, Turin but the best one was Rome.
Here some photos near the Colosseo.
She looks very happy.


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Mercoledì, 08 Febbraio 2017 14:28

Kasia Shannon and Erica at the Colosseo Rome

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