Celtic Childcare is an official childcare agency based in Turin that primarily deals with au-pairs, nannies and tutors. Since being fully established in 1997, Celtic Childcare has been a continuing active member of the International Au-Pair Association since 2002.
We are recognized as one of the most important agencies in Italy for native speakers of English, Italian, French, German and Spanish who seek to find suitable families and accommodation. The company is managed and directed by Elizabeth J Lenihan. Although the main headquarters are situated in Turin, we work with other agencies in cities around the world in Ireland, England, Australia, France, Germany, Spain, The Netherlands, Canada, New Zealand, China and America, all of whom are regulated to work in this sector. Along with our agents abroad, we work to secure fair pay and accommodation for all of those who work for our agencies. In order to further our dedication to this cause, we created the National Association of the Italian Au Pair Agency (ANIAP) to establish and promote guidelines and rules with regards to Au Pairs, host families, tutors and agencies, nationally and internationally operating in this sector.



The legal basis governing the relationship on Au Pairs derives from the European Treaty on Au Pair Placement 11/24/1969. Established by the International Association IAPA, this piece of legislation sets out principles and rules of conduct that are to be adhered to. Celtic Childcare is authorised to carry out their legal obligations by the Ministry of Labour under the legislative decree 276/2003 (prot- 107/RS).



The purpose of our agency is to provide au-pairs with new life experiences such as learning a new language, culture and traditions of a different country and if none of those appeal to you, simply trying out a completely different way of living. To be an au-pair basically implies you take an active role within the family e.g. babysitting as part of the exchange programme. An extensive background in child care is not required, provided that you have regularly looked after younger siblings and or babysat before. Although your exchange is not a holiday, it will provide you with many opportunities to make friends, improve your language skills and explore places in your new surroundings. Upon arrival with the family, as an au-pair you will be provided with food and board- including a bedroom, bathroom and a weekly salary.



The primary responsibilities of an au-pair is to look after the children however additional responsibilities can be expected. We have complied a description of all the ‘normal’ duties that can also be required.
Children: an au-pair is responsible for entertaining the children, playing with them, looking after them when they are sick and during the school holidays, getting them ready for school and bed, to accompany them to school and general appointments (i.e. extra curricula activities). Furthermore the au-pair is responsible for the tidying the children’s bedroom. It is often asked that the au-pair speaks in their native language to assist the children learning a new language. In addition to these requirements, the au-pair maybe asked to perform light household chores such as setting the table and loading the dishwasher during mealtimes. Heavy household chores are not permitted. As well as the aforementioned duties and expectations, the au-pair is responsible for keeping their own room tidy and their own laundry.



Some host families may need and ask for more assistance around the home, i.e cleaning and maintenance. In any such case, you will be notified prior to departure and should you choose to accept this offer, the family will be required to provide economic compensation.



The usual duration/ working period varies from 3 to 12 months – during the summer this has been known to change and the period of stay is between 2 to 4 months. It should be noted that you can be requested to leave at any time of the year/ to start at any time of the year.
The au-pair is to work no more than 6 hours a day, for a maximum of 30 hours a week and the Mother’s help no more than 8 hours a day for a maximum of 45 hours a week. The au-pair and mothers help are both entitled and have the right to a day and half break from either Monday to Friday or the entire weekend. Babysitting will be a maximum of two weekly evenings.



It is advisable (but not strictly necessary) that you have studied the language of your desired country – at least to an elementary level. This way you will be able to brush up and improve in a language school close to home of your host family. If there is a fee for the courses, the family does not usually help pay for them.
Although it is not required, some families prefer those who have a driving licence and who would be willing to drive in another country. The role of an au-pair is to become a member of a new family, adapting to a new culture, rules, values and of course in a respectful manner.



The au-pair is responsible for the expenses relating to the outgoing and return journeys. Should a language course be necessary, we highly recommend that you to factor this into your budget. Celtic Childcare is readily available to help you find the most economical flights via the internet. As soon as you arrive at your exchange placement, all purchases regarding to items of clothing, personal care and leisure activities are your own expenses.



They are paid two weeks extra for free every 6 months tax (then four weeks in the case of a year of residence). The holidays are considered vacation time and are unpaid, in case it is required to work during the holiday an extra fee will be added.
Au Pair: babysitting. The au-pair will be paid a salary of € 80-110 weekly.
Mothers help: child care and help at home. Mothers help will be paid a salary of 150 to 200 € weekly.



European citizens have the same rights as the citizens of the host nation to access free medical care and first aid throughout Europe (there are some exceptions such as dental treatment). It is a mandatory requirement for non EU residents and for those travelling outside of the EU to obtain private insurance.



If you require any assistance or help during your stay, you are able to contact the family and the agent/agency in your host country. In the event that you are not happy with your family, you can request to change. You are required to give a 14 day notice, providing the agency with the time to find you a more suitable placement.



To ensure and guarantee the safety of our au-pairs, we send agents to potential host families, making sure everything is okay beforehand. Prior to leaving, the host family will contact you by telephone, providing you with the opportunity to see whether you will be well suited.



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